Offsite it solutions is excited to announce the launch of East Gippsland Connections.

We are pleased inform you that We have developed
Innovation model as revolution service model for our senior Australians
No more institution model needed to seek for future placement . The seniors could opt for alternative group home care support model live in a comfortable homes with all luxury including with their partners .

I am looking for $100K-$130K (pending contract negotiations) to consolidate all purchases and future purchases to complete the growth of a fitness and education center. I am open to discussions on interest, with the option to repay sooner with larger repayments as government incentives arrive.

Investor Requirements:

I am looking to purchase a micro-combination consisting of a new Catapillar 300.9D and a Toyota Huski 4SDK4, I have the work available and would rather not deal with brokers or banks if I do not have to.
I have been working in the industry for over 8 years now and have plenty of contacts available to me.
I am offering a 20% return on investment over 3 years with payments given quarterly.

Global Aquatica


Global Aquatica provides a complete management solution for a prolific waste water in Australia including treatment plant design and construction, servicing, consumables supply and engineering services. Monopoly position, excellent ROI. existing orders.

Research and Development is complete.
Patents have been applied for.
product cost is less than 1% of competitor sell price.

“Leadership requires the courage to make decisions that will benefit the next generation”

• AU$ 550,000 investment required
• Opportunity to be part of a dynamic and passionate diverse team
• Strong growth and return on investment guaranteed
• Track record of successful business
• Realistic Vision to take business to next level

The Edge Fund


The Edge Fund is a private investment fund. It has been set up to serve others.

The goal of The Edge Fund is to compound the liquid assets of our investors for the benefit of themselves and their families for many years to come.